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Missed Miracles

When Jesus makes a miracle, it's always done in obscurity. He may have done it a thousand times in our life, and still, we didn't even recognized them. While we are so much worried of the things we do not have, God is busy doing His best to give us what we really need in an ambiguous way. We overlooked at them because our hearts are hardened, and most of the time, we become ungrateful. We forget God, that is why we never anticipated the things He has done for us.

Just like in the passage where Jesus feeds the five thousand. When it was already late, His disciples looked for food for the multitude. Eventually, it was being supplied by a boy who has few fishes and bread. The whole crowd was fed that night and had even baskets full of leftovers.

How was that even possible? No one even wondered. There were no reactions or even surprised facades. Everyone were too focused on their fleshly needs that they missed to witness one of the greatest miracles in history.

The first thing I realized is that every miracle starts with a problem. Jesus then intentionally diverts our attention to looking for a solution than looking at Him. This was the case when He asked Philip where to buy bread for the people. Then was Philip bothered over the need and forgot about what Jesus could do.

Same thing always happen whenever we are faced with difficulties. Before Jesus performs His miracle, He may ask you what to do. But instead of figuring it out by ourselves, let's watch Him do it and never look away, for at any moment, you will miss another miracle.

If we could only review our lifetime, there could be thousands of thousands of miracles God has done to us, and yet, me missed them because we missed Him.

-Matthew 14:13-21

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